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Hawk’s Roost Ranch



Santa Rosa Plains


(707) 546-6745


1615 Willowside Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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About Us

Charles and Gail bought 7 1/2 acres from their long time home on Willowside Rd. in 1992, fulfilling a long time dream. They cleared the poison oak, blackberry, pyracantha, small oaks and old rootstock. Many years ago it had been planted to Zinfandel and then nelgected. In 1998 they planted it to Pinot Noir, UCD clone 23. Charles retired from teaching after 36 years in 2000 and got to become a wine grape grower. Gail started planting all of the flowers, shrubs and trees she never had room for at the old house. She had over an acre of graden she loved to work in, sadly she passed away in February of 2016. Charles recently added a patio with pizza oven and bocce court, something Gail had always wanted. Hawk's Roost has been able to host several wine release parties.
We sold our first crop in 2000 and have been lucky enough to work with Greg La Follette of Alquimista Wines. Simona Sequeira of La Follette Wines and recently with Yeshua Medrano of Brombeere Wines Inc.


Planted Acres - 5 1/2 acres Pinot Noir

Varietals - Pinot Noir

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